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Category: Spirituality


Boldness and Choice

One of the things that I grieved the most when my mother died was that I didn’t have more time to be in her presence.  In the last few years of her life, she had become a bold and vibrant woman, unapologetic for who she was and what she thought was worth fighting for.  I loved that she had finally reached the stage in her life where she didn’t care what others thought of her.  She stood so firmly in her own presence and unique giftedness to the world.  She burned very brightly right until the end of her life when

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Essential Flow

      I shared a couple of months ago dreams I was having about playing the cello.  After my third dream in about a month, I woke up and went for a walk to pray with the images that kept repeating themselves to me to pay attenton.  Toward the end of my walk I went by Cornish college and was amazed to find a woman playing the cello outdoors on their lawn.  This was synchronicity at work.  I have continued to pray with that image, letting itself play within me. Then, a couple of weeks ago I received some feedback on the lectio

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Loving Into Wholeness

  It has been just over a week now since Tune has come into our life.  If you had told me ten days ago that I would now be completely smitten with a nearly ten-year-old dog I would have been very surprised.  These are the things that can happen when you allow the Spirit to lead and open your heart to hidden treasure.  It feels especially significant to me that we first met her on the feast of Epiphany for she has been a great gift.  We were going to wait until after our big trip this summer to adopt

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Seeking Balance / Honoring the Masculine

I have been aware for a long time that many of the spirituality and arts programs I am involved in tend to draw mostly women to them.   Our Awakening the Creative Spirit program this year is 12 wonderful women (last year we had two great men participate out of 13 participants).  Our Monthly Gatherings which average 15-20 tend to usually be all women.  I thought this was perhaps due to the combination of spirituality and the arts.  I was very surprised when I started teaching at the School of Theology and Ministry this fall that out of my 29 students, only 4 are

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I returned yesterday from my time of retreat and remembering.  The Columbia River Gorge is stunning this time of year, I spent most of my time simply in awe of the beauty there, receiving the gifts.  I have lots bubbling and stirring in me.  Returning from retreat is always a hard transition time, especially since it is the middle of the quarter and I have quite a large pile of work waiting for me.  There were so many gifts and I will be integrating them for a while.  I will weave the threads of this small journey into the fabric of my life.  While in

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Soul Nourishment (Interlude)

What feeds your soul?   What is essential for you to feel well-nourished, alive, and energized? I don’t just mean how many calories you need to consume to function, or what balance of vitamins and minerals you need for body processes.  I mean, what are the things in your life that bring you such delight you feel as though your heart might burst with gratitude? I’ve had one of those weeks so far of feeling my soul deeply nourished (and its only Wednesday and I go out on my Sabbath hike with Kathy in a little while). Last Sunday my husband and

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