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Category: Monk in the World


The Artist Begins Again and Again

University of St Andrews is hosting an art and monasticism symposium at their Transpositions blog.  I wrote about beginning again and again as an artist: As artists and creative people we are filled with the best of intentions. We are inspired with big visions and a longing to express ourselves freely and fully. We begin a project – whether writing a book, painting a canvas, or composing a song – with enthusiasm and full of confidence. Then somewhere along the way we find our energy waning, and the artwork we once felt such delight in has now become a source

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Becoming a *Monk in the World* with Dana Reynolds

I first met Dana when she attended a contemplative art retreat I led a couple of years ago.  I discovered not only a kindred spirit but a very wise woman with a multitude of gifts.  Dana has created a beautiful website called Sacred Life-Arts which is an online sanctuary, classroom, and resource center devoted to bringing creative inspiration and spiritual illumination to women.  Be sure to check out her free 7-day e-course on Living with Divine Awareness: Sacred Practices to Awaken the Senses. Leave a comment below for a chance to win a free signed copy of Our Turn Our Time:

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Becoming a *Monk in the World* with Roy DeLeon

Roy DeLeon is a fellow oblate with me at St. Placid Priory in Lacey, WA.  Roy is also trained as a yoga teacher and invites people into the physical poses of this practice as an embodied way of praying with the psalms and other scriptures.  Roy will be offering a weekly movement prayer as a part of the Advent 2011–Birthing the Holy: Becoming a Monk in the World online retreat (November 27-December 24, 2011). Leave a comment below and enter for a chance to win a free signed copy of Roy’s wonderful book Praying with the Body: Bringing the Psalms to Life.

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Becoming a *Monk in the World* with Mary Earle

I got to know Mary first through her books and then later had the joy of meeting her in person at a Spiritual Directors International conference.  She is an Episcopal priest and the author of several books on how Benedictine practice can be supportive of those living with illness.  In her writing I discovered a wise companion and guide and a doorway into the gifts of balance monastic wisdom offers. Leave a comment below and enter for a chance to win a free signed copy of her latest marvelous book on Celtic Christian Spirituality. “What is a monk in the

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Words of the Heart

To see the word cloud enlarged either click on the image or click here Nearly 300 of you responded to my invitation to allow a word to choose you which you might live into for the coming year.  The responses have been inspiring, beautiful, and profound.  Pour yourself a cup of tea and linger over them and listen for your own stirrings in response.  The image above is a Wordle (word cloud) created from all the words shared.  You can click here for a larger image or here for a PDF Version. (*Please note: the word size is in proportion to the number of

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Monk Manifesto now available in Spanish

I am very grateful to Nicolás Crespo for translating the Monk Manifesto into Spanish! Click here for a PDF version of the Manifiesto del Monje.  Please feel free to pass it along to friends who might appreciate this. Manifiesto del Monje ¿Quieres unirte a mí para comenzar la revolución del monje? ¡Difundamos un compromiso con la contemplación, la compasión y la creatividad a lo largo y ancho del mundo! Monje: Del griego monachos, que significa solo o solitario, un monje en el mundo no vive apartado, sino inmerso en la vida diaria con una presencia plena y sin reservas, esforzándose siempre

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Monk Manifesto – Reflections and Musings

The idea for the Monk Manifesto emerged several months ago while I was away on a retreat.  Last spring was a very full season of my life and I was claiming a few days of silence to listen.  I was in a threshold space, moving into my own work more fully, and I knew my call was to spread ways of being a Monk in the World to as many people as I could. Many of you who signed indicated that having so many others to join with in a public declaration is supportive and hope-filled. Indeed that was part of my motivation

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