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The Misguided Monk

I am so delighted to run across this video, shared with me by my good friend and fellow monk Tess, who blogs over at Pilgrim’s Moon (a wonderful resource for growing older with wisdom and consciousness). Watch this and see if it doesn’t shift your perspective on distractions in meditation (or at least make you smile).  I love that the dog in this video looks just like our sweet Amma Winter.

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The Holy Pause: Spiritual Practices for a Time-Obsessed Culture

Stop by Patheos for my latest reflection: Time is the measure of things that come to an end, but where time itself ends, eternity begins . . . In the end, there is no end. The ends of time are near the roots of eternity, and the ends of the Earth touch on the other world or the world behind the world. –Michael Meade I was driving to my yoga class this morning but there was some kind of race blocking all of the cross streets I usually travel. I finally found my way around but at that point I

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Visual Meditation: Savoring Stillness

When I was in Vienna over Christmas my husband and I took a magical walk on the Winter Solstice through the snow-covered gardens of Schonbrunn Palace.  The peace of that foggy day still sings in my heart.  Celebrate the gifts of winter with me.  Breathe deeply and feel the invitation to savor stillness.  Those of you who read here regularly know that winter calls to me and I am called to share her gifts. Early Registration Extended Register for the Lenten Online Retreat with the Desert Mothers and Fathers and receive a free gift (a mini-retreat on Stirring in the Belly). 

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Letting a Word Choose You

I invited you the other day to offer a word which is calling to you for this coming year.  The responses have been so beautiful and inspiring (I encourage you to stop by and read them!) For some of you the word may have come right away, but for some you may desire a word to ripen within your soul these coming weeks and months, but one doesn’t seem to be coming.  So here are some suggestions for allowing a word to choose you: Release your thinking mind in this process, this isn’t about figuring out just the right word

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Living Contemplatively in the World

As a monk in the world, I am always seeking support for this path.  Yesterday I just started reading The Contemplative Heart by James Finley which is about how to live contemplatively in the world beyond the monastery and already in the first forty pages is a great deal of wisdom. Finley describes three aspects to contemplative living in the midst of busy lives and work which were articulated beautifully: The first aspect is being as fully present as you can to the task at hand.  When you are working on something be fully mindful to it as you engage it and do only one thing at a time. 

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How to Be Alone

I just love this.  The line speaking to my heart today (keeping in mind my post from yesterday) is “Dance until you’re sweating, and beads of perspiration remind you of life’s best things, down your back like a brook of blessings.” How about you?  Where are you finding the solace of solitude these late summer days? How to Be Alone by Tanya Davis If you are at first lonely, be patient. If you’ve not been alone much, or if when you were, you weren’t okay with it, then just wait. You’ll find it’s fine to be alone once you’re embracing it. We could start

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Sabbath Now

For the last two weeks there has been a funny thing happening with my calendar.  Each day when I open my Outlook program a notice appears just like all of the other appointment reminders except this one says “Sabbath: Now.”   I do have my Saturdays blocked off as Sabbath days and so somehow this entry has been logged in as a daily event.  When I press the “dismiss” button I am told that the program can’t find the entry and so I will continue to be reminded.  And so it is, each day I receive a message that Sabbath is

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