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I Am Not a Mistake: A Healing Service for the Queer Soul

Sunday, June 26, 2022 11:00am-12:30pm ET with Rev. Simon Ruth de Voil (he/they) and Dr. Jamie Marich (she/they)

The Institute for Creative Mindfulness is happy to invite our friend Rev. Simon Ruth de Voil for this special program that they are hosting for Pride Month. Dr. Jamie Marich spends a great deal of time speaking about spiritual abuse and working with LGBTQ+ persons from a clinical perspective. This year, their clinical training organization wants the Pride Month offering to be something that is much more personal for members of the queer/LGBTQ+ communities and their allies.

So many individuals who identify under the rainbow umbrella report horrendous experiences with being traumatized in organized religion or by religious family members and people in society. In this service, we welcome you to come as you are and to be guided through several healing practices in the spiritual and expressive arts that invite you to embrace your inherent worthiness and goodness. You are not a mistake. You are not defective. You are perfect just as Divine Creator made you.

The Institute for Creative Mindfulness also welcome allies who are affirming of their queer/LGBTQ+ loved ones and friends. We also desire to honor your experiences too in this healing service. There will be an opportunity for open participation in several of our rituals although you are welcome to come and just listen and receive if you do not want to participate in this way.

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