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Dancing Monk Icon Cards Completion Packs

Over the last couple of years we have added some more dancing monks to our icon card set: Melangell of Powys, Muirgen of Lough Neagh, Clare of Assisi, and Julian of Norwich. This summer we have added four additional ones: Howard Thurman, Nicholas Black Elk, Sister Thea Bowman, and Abba Anthony the Great.

Because many of you have ordered our icon card sets in the past and might want to complete your pack with these new ones we are offering a one-time chance to order a completion pack of these 8 cards.

Order by August 31, 2021. Cards will be mailed out the first week of September by first class post from Ireland.

The cost is €10 per completion pack which includes worldwide postage.


Please note:

We realize some of you may have received Melangell and Muirgen in earlier sets, but to simplify things we are creating one completion pack. If you receive extra cards you can give one as a gift! We are not selling individual cards.

We are planning to re-issue the entire set of 32 dancing monk icon cards in September in a larger card size with a custom box and booklet. Keep an eye on our newsletter and website for when those become available.

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