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Writing on the Wild Edges Participant Poem: Patia Carque

At the end of April, 15 creative souls gathered with us for our retreat on Inismor – Writing on the Wild Edges of the World. We had a wonderful group with participants from all over the U.S., Canada, and South Africa. I am delighted to share some of their poems over these next few weeks. Pour a cup of tea, imagine yourself on a windswept limestone island in the Atlantic, and savor for a while.

From Patia Carque


Embraced by waves, winds, anion
the Isle will do the work.
She’ll lift, kiss, nourish you
while cows graze her hilly breasts.

She’ll hear your pilgrim prayer
as you step upon her stones,
as your heart sings songs of presence,
as she gently heals your wounds.

You have been invited to explore
your place of resurrection in this world.

You will listen in her stillness.
You will see a world that shimmers.
You will name your beasts and passions
with a voice that is your own.

She will spin you dizzy till you grasp
your vulnerability.
She’ll receive the ribbons of your wishes
on her Hawthorne trees.

When you fall, her arms will catch you
with her thickets and her thorns
until you cease your struggle
reaching out to others’ hands.

Inverted cups of penitents
poured out upon the rocks
are lifted up, creation blessed
with echoes of the past.

Ascend the hills, release the bees.
There is a time to fight.
Dance round bright fires, spring is here
to celebrate new life.

Come to the door now with yourself
a spiral well descending.
With courage draw a clear, cool drink
as darkness brings a new beginning.

Hear the Island whisper to the wisdom of your soul.
You are loved and gifted. May creation make you whole.

Patia Carque retired two years ago after thirty years of ministry within the United Church of Christ (UCC).  She is currently living in St Petersburg, FL, where she seeks her “place of resurrection” as a poet, writer, and all she is being invited to be.  She sends joy, love and creativity to you, with gratitude for her recent pilgrimage Writing on the Wild Edges in Inismore, and asks for your prayers on her journey.

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