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Sacred Rhythms of Sky, Sun, Sea and Stone: Participant Poems

In April, 18 creative souls gathered with us for our retreat on Inismor – Sacred Rhythms of Sky, Sun, Sea and Stone. We had a wonderful group with participants from all over the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Australia. I am delighted to share some of their poems. Pour a cup of tea, imagine yourself on a windswept limestone island in the Atlantic, and savor for a while.

From Katharine Kane:

Inishmore fairies
Passing the leaf bare brambles
Glimpse the fiery sun

Stone etching welcome
Misting from selkies haven
Ancient rebirthing

Waking Up in the City

In praise of the city noise that honks out its voice: first the owls sound, then the crows, then the buses and cars rev up to get started on their day. No alarm needed.

In praise of the guy in the next apartment who sings to the radio through his morning shower. I can hear you . . . .

In praise of the early worker who empties the recycle bin into a large container, the breaking glass bottles and the hollow aluminum cans crash together. They are music to my ears.

In praise of the morning rush to the metro as the human species speed-walks to what seems important, and to the occasional soul who raises their head to smile and say good morning. Sending my love.

In praise of the man who serves sweets and caffeine at the local cafe. He knows everyone on the line of the quietly hurried and knows how they like their coffee. I’m on my way.

Katharine Donovan Kane is a personal life coach for the spiritual highly sensitive person. She’s passionate about writing, iPhone photography, and deep listening to the stories of others. You can reach Katharine at

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