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Dearest Monks, Artists, and Pilgrims,

This email was sent to our newsletter list, but in case yours got caught in the spam filter here are the details to stay on our mailing list.

You may be aware that on May 25th 2018, new Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are coming into force in the EU. This means that we need to ask everyone on our email list (whether living in the EU or not) to opt in again to receive our communications.

If you would like to receive regular soul nourishment from Abbey of the Arts along with updates about our programs, please follow this link to remain on our email list. You have the choice to opt in for daily, weekly, or monthly emails or to have your details deleted from our system. You must choose one of those options to continue receiving emails. 

Please opt in again as soon as possible as all emails will be sent out from the new list starting immediately. We will send a couple more reminders in coming weeks. If we do not hear anything back from you by May 24th we will be required to remove you from the list.

I know it is tedious to have one more thing to do arriving to your inbox, and we are deeply grateful for all of your support whether you are a new subscriber or have been following us for years. This is something required of us and we look forward to many more years of sharing inspiration, resources, and reflections with you.

We have recently updated our Privacy Statement to accommodate the new regulations, and to understand how Abbey of the Arts uses your personal information, you can find the updated version here. Essentially we never sell your details to other parties and you are free to unsubscribe at any time. Thanks for taking the time to read this and respond by clicking the button below.

With much love,


Christine Valters Paintner, PhD, REACE, OblSB
Abbey of the Arts

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