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Earth Monastery Project Grant Winners

The Earth Monastery Project is a small grant project we administer to help encourage projects which nourish an earth-cherishing consciousness through contemplative practice and creative expression.

We were delighted with our batch of applications and have selected the following four to receive a small grant for the first half of 2016. We will post more details as they complete their work and report back to us.

Laurel Dykstra, Vancouver, BC, Canada  
Earth-Bible Curriculum Boxes: to encourage multi-age (3-11 years) groups of children to engage with scripture and creation.

Sandi Howell, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Creating a series of art photographs to explore the intersection of nature and humanity and generate reflection and conversation around possibilities of collaboration versus dominance.

Monica McDowell, Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.
The Girl with a Gift: a mustard seed project to distribute this work of eco-fiction, coming of age novel to churches and generate discussion on eco issues.

Philip Wood, Manchester, United Kingdom
Litany for the Wayside: a liturgical and poetic sequence with visual and musical responses

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