New Interview with Christine at Gentle Marketing

I am delighted to share a new interview with me at Joy Agcongay’s Gentle Marketing (as an introvert myself, her approach really resonates with me!)  Click over to her site to read on about some of my practices and how I nourish myself:

I am a huge fangirl of! What is your background and how did your experience lead you to found the Abbey? Who do you think of reaching with this work?

Thanks so much Joy!  It is such a delight to have folks who have been with me long-term and are committed to what the Abbey is about.  Most of my work has been the result of an organic process.  While I am someone who does enjoy making lists and plans, my strongest growth has come when I continue to work, but release my own agenda and pay attention to how my work is unfolding.  I call it “following the thread” where I honor the things in life that bring me alive and shimmer as clues to the next step.

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