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Wisdom Council: The Illumination of Words

Wisdom Council Wordle

About a month ago I was inspired to invite several friends and long-time supporters and participants in the Abbey to join me in forming a Wisdom Council.   To my great delight, all 12 of those I invited offered me an enthusiastic yes in response.  I am looking forward to drawing on their wisdom and insight as the Abbey continues to grow and thrive, and to have others with whom to reflect on the best ways to sustainably serve this community.

I asked each of them to send me three words that came to them spontaneously when they thought of the Abbey’s work.  I had the great delight of gathering those words and creating a Wordle image (to the right) which offers me a visual reminder of the many gifts Abbey of the Arts has to offer the world.  I will be holding this in my prayer throughout the summer months.

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