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New “innerview” on lectio divina at the Sunshine Abbey

The lovely Claudia Mairs Burney who hosted my article on The Artist Begins Again and Again also invited me to an “innerview” on the practice of lectio divina.  Here is an excerpt:

What do these sacred words do for the soul?
Words can illuminate our hearts; they contain the seeds of invitation to cross a new threshold.  Words ripen within us.  We can receive a word and not realize its full impact for our lives for a long while until one day we suddenly see things differently. I often find lines of poems singing in my heart for months after they have spoken to me, inviting me deeper into their wisdom.  Lectio divina is an ancient practice of listening deeply to the voice of God speaking through these sacred texts. Lectio cultivates in us the ability to be fully present to the holy call which emerges from words.

You sound like a true poet. A soul poet. No wonder you’re my hero! Why did you fall in love with Lectio Divina?
I fell in love with lectio because I discovered in many ways it was how I was already praying – this deep attentiveness to the gifts of words, an immersion in silence, a receptive heart.  I have been changed by words – the words of scripture, the words of a poem, the words of someone I trust.  The gospel of John starts with “In the beginning was the Word” which speaks for me of the power that language has to shape our reality.
Isn’t it interesting how little some of us trust the way we’re already praying? Thank you for sharing that, because I think we sacred creative types really are drawn to certain ways of praying–of being. But we don’t think it’s “official.”

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