Invitation to Poetry: Entering the Desert’s Fire

Welcome to our 44th Poetry Party!

I select an image and suggest a theme/title and invite you to respond with your poems or other reflections. Add your responses in the comments section.  Feel free to take your poem in any direction and then post the image and invitation on your blog (if you have one) and encourage others to come join the party! (permission is granted to reprint the image if a link is provided back to this post)

Poetry Party Theme: Entering the Desert’s Fire

This week the Christian liturgical season of Lent begins on Ash Wednesday.  For 40 days we are invited on an inner pilgrimage which parallels the desert journey Jesus made before he began his public ministry.  In the Hebrew and Christian scriptures the desert is a place of preparing our hearts, of stripping away of false securities, of radical surrender, and of invitation to transformation.  The Israelites wandered in the Sinai desert for 40 years and the early Christian monks went out into the desert to find a place of profound solitude and silence.  The desert is an archetypal place where we confront our inner demons and are purified and transformed by the its heat.

I invite you this week to write a poem about your own invitation to enter the refiner’s fire – in alchemy lead is transformed into gold through heat and this becomes a metaphor for the human soul.  What is the lead within you ready to be transformed into something treasured?

The poem could be a blessing for the journey ahead or an invocation of your deepest longings for this sacred time.  Allow yourself to feel the desert heat as you write and invite in its power to spark, ignite, and illuminate the world.

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