Invitation to Poetry: Waiting

Invitation to Poetry

Our 23rd Poetry Party!  I select an image and suggest a title and invite you to respond with your poems, words, reflections, quotes, song lyrics, etc. Leave them in the comments or email me and I’ll add them to the body of the post as they come in along with a link back to your blog if you have one (not required to participate!) I’ll add your contributions all week and then I will draw a name at random on Friday morning from everyone who participates and will send the winner a copy of my zine on Callings: Becoming Who You Already Are. Feel free to take your poem in any direction and then post the image and invitation on your blog and encourage others to come join the party!

Usually the inspiration for the Poetry Party comes to me several days before I need it and I try to allow the theme to emerge in its own time.  I found myself pondering last night what this week’s theme should be, waiting for inspiration, when I saw sweet Tune waiting at the bathroom door across the hall from my office.  My husband was behind the door and she was in eager anticipation of her evening walk.  Luckily my camera was close at hand, but seeing her sit there so patientely, yet full of expectation, touched something in me.  I have been pondering doors a lot lately with some of that to appear here on this blog.  Often we wait at a threshold and the door has yet to be opened.  That space of waiting can be one of the most difficult, and yet often the most necessary of times. 

For what are you waiting with eager anticipation?  You might speak from your own voice in the poem or that of a dog full of hope.



The [Zen] mind is not solitary as the wilderness clouds know;
Reed moon and plum blossom, to whom can I send them?
The sorrow of parting is real and difficult to leave behind.
But if the journey is in tune with no-mind, all will be well.

ZIYONG (Buddhist nun, Qing Dynasty)
translation by Beata Grant
(submitted by Eden’s Innuendo)


Waiting. The word implies
  waiting for something

Listening. The word implies
  listening to something
  in particular.

But what if our waiting
  and our listening
  are no more than
  waiting, and listening?

Sometimes we wait to see
  what will happen.
  And listen in case we hear
  the voice of God.

-Tess at Anchors and Masts


in patient anticipation
i wait,
i know you will come home,
and we will walk
and you will talk
then i will run
and you will watch
and smile,
in patient anticipation
i wait,
i know you will come home…

please, come home

-Sally Coleman at Eternal Echoes


Door closed,
the threshold endures.
Echo whispers:
        ‘be still….pause awhile….’
Holy words create
a space for tarrying,
               for lingering –
               for awaiting
               the open door.



How long she stared and waited at the door is anyones guess. Her master had left from that exit, and out of unconditional love she became the color….and the door hoping her master would enter her heart.

-Tom Delmore at Crow’s Perch


I will wait -forever- until you let me in




My child -for everyone who knocks – the door opens wide


I’ve been waiting for you.

-Lorna at See-Through Faith


in tune…with waiting
   for patience
   for the next season
   to see the leash in your hand

in tune…with anticipation
   for the great outdoors
   for all that the future holds
   for the treat in your hand

in tune…with myself
   as a beloved family member
   as a member of this wider community
   as created by God

in tune…with all
   our neighbors
   parts of creation
   all that awaits us
   … let’s go for this walk!

-Anonymous Contributor


Sweet Tune
Patience born of knowing
Pattern and person
Poised with passion
Ready to burst forth
at the first opening of the door

When past routine
no longer maps
direction or desire
Object of anticipation
uncertain and unclear
Restlessness pervades

Sweet Tune
Your poised passion
Eager anticipation
Secure knowing
Remind of greater
being and purpose

Uncertainty and change
Open opportunity to wait
Wonder, anticipate
Familiar passion
pattern and person
in new landscape

-EmJayDee at Set the Bird Free


Needless Worry

She sits at the door,
quizzical ears atop her tilted head.

I stand at the door,
uneasy thoughts on my worried mind.

She wonders when he will come out,
take her for a walk, play fetch with a tennis ball.

I wonder if you are awake. Maybe
I’ll peek in at you, sleeping.

She’s hopeful. After all,
this is a routine, this morning outing.

I’m excited. You’re taking a college course on writing.
I feel a need to write your life.

He opens the door and she jumps with joy.
Satisfied, her hope is fulfilled.

Glad, I can hear you move about.
You woke up on your own, well in time for class.

She is happy to be with him.
Safe in his presence, she can run to her heart’s delight.

All will be well. Your need for freedom
is greater than my need for control.
You can run to your heart’s delight.
So can I.

-Martha Louise Harkness


Let me out!
Let me out!
Let me out!
I have NO place to be.
I need to feel the freedom
Underneath my feet!
The choices they are endless
This chapters just begun!
There is no path in front of me
I just need to RUN!
To feel the breeze
To shake some trees
To laugh
To play
To dream.
I’m itching for excitement
There’s much more then it seemed!
Let me out , I cry.
This puppy needs to spread her wings,
It’s time for me to fly.

-Nichol at Yankee Girl’s Journey


Dog Door Watching Haiku

Tail in tune with thoughts
of carpet swirls dancing through…
flying beyond fur.

Christine Merritt



She sits in perfect concentration,
she waits in perfect faith,
knowing the door will open,
and her master will be there
when it does.
She is wisdom, weaving creation
with her hope. The question
is not if we can wait
even half so patiently,
but if we are willing
to open the door and end
Her waiting.

-Christina at Left Turn at Joy


beautiful and patient
as the day is long
her Master ready
for the next walk to begin.

-Rachel at Swandive



I will sit here
and you will stay
behind your solid door.
I will wait for you patiently,
sure that you cannot see
my eager eyes, hear
my pounding heartbeat, taste
my anticipation, feel
my trembling legs.
The doorknob turns slowly
and I hear you speak:
“C’mon, let’s go for a walk.”
You are my Master
and You always know
the words I long to hear.

-Rich at Pilgrim Path


Life’s full of questions that God hasn’t answered…
I am
Full of hope, yet not without promise.

Hurt and in pain I seek to live by God’s power…
I am
Full of wonder, while not without doubts.

Wanting, needing answers to all my uncertainties…
I am
Resting expectantly, but not without fears.

Depending on God for my life’s direction…
I am
Peaceful in the wrestling, heart nestled in Grace.

-Deb at An Unfinished Symphony


to wait is to live
on the edge of hope
in two worlds,
present and absent.



A place of living and teaching is ended.
I have moved.
Now I am in a new place.
No friends, no roots, no connections.
I must begin a new pattern of living.
I want to teach again.
Will students come?
What is my path?
I will wait and listen and feel
And, in time, find the rhythm of
this new place.

-Arlene Angell


Time To Go
It’s time to go–I want to go
It’s time to let me out!

With darkness gone, and dawn anon
I must jump up and shout!

A bladder full does tug and pull
At my restraint just so!

I cannot wait, oh don’t be late
I really want to go!

Kievas Fargo


when you’re waiting
or so it seems.

When the red light
refuses to
climb down to green.

When the bus hides
in drizzly streets
to make you walk.

When a lover
doesn’t call and
you need to talk.

When Christmas is
just too far away
and you are eight.

When the line snakes
from the till
and you are late.

When the door holds
back all that is
in your dreams.

when you’re waiting
or so it seems.

-Andy at a man breathing


If I burst with waiting all alone,
You’ll find a trace of me somewhere.
Anticipation is jumping wild in me,
How do I sit still?  Is someone there?

I have waited in life for many things,
Not being a dog, I can reason a bit.
I am hungry too,  with another view –
To also feast on new thoughts, my habit.

When the door opens, such glee abounds,
For this loving pet, a world reaches out.
He’ll jump and run to whoever is there,
I, too, will see behind the door, no doubt.

Slowly it opens a crack, I seek a face, a nod,
Smiles greet me as I walk through and know.
The door was opened when readiness came,
For those inside, and me, all ready to grow.

Doors can shut us out, lock us away inside,
But they cannot shut down this holy knock.
He patiently tries again,  until We open up,
Ah!  Such patience I seek in my daily walk.

-Diane Trollope


Waiting for You to Come to Me

Come to me

I wait

You, on one side

Me, on the other


Come to me

How I anticipate

the sight of you

the smell of you

the touch of you

Come to me

It won’t take long

I’ll wait,

You there,

Me here

Come to me

I’ll help you

I’ll be there

When others aren’t

Faithful, that’s us

Come to me

Through the years and

I’ll be there for you

Even when it’s

Hard to see, walk, hear

Come to me

Be by my side

When the night comes

But don’t hurry

To follow me, ok?

Live and remember–

Know when it’s time

When life has changed,

When the new dawn comes…

Together, then you will

Come to me at the last.

-Catherine Windsor+


-Christine Valters Paintner @ Abbey of the Arts

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