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Monk Manifesto Visual Meditation

Pour yourself a cup of tea, close your eyes, and take three slow deep breaths.

Then open your eyes, press play below and enlarge the Vimeo screen, and allow the meditation to take you into the landscape of the Monk Manifesto through art and music. Three  minutes inviting you to consider whether you might make being a monk in the world a deeper part of your life. (Join the Holy Disorder of Dancing Monks!)

Monk Manifesto Meditation (8 Principles for being a Monk in the World)

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There is also an 8-day e-course available to further explore what becoming a monk in the world might mean for you. . .

I am profoundly grateful to the ever-talented and delightful Kristin Noelle for sharing her amazing art for this project and to the wonderful Trish Bruxvoort Colligan for letting her gorgeous music be a part of this gift (you should definitely visit both of their websites for lots more wondrous art and music resources!).