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November Theme: Community

To be a monk today or someone seeking to incorporate monastic values into his or her own life presumes being a part of a community of friends, people with whom a person can share the counsels of the heart and speak a language of the heart to one another. -Edward Sellner, Finding the Monk Within […]

Welcoming in Zeal:
A CinemaDivina Prayer Offering

The theme for October here at the Abbey is hospitality based on the second principle of the Monk Manifesto: 2. I commit to radical acts of hospitality by welcoming the stranger both without and within. I recognize that when I make space inside my heart for the unclaimed parts of myself, I cultivate compassion and the ability to […]

Practicing Generous Hospitality

Below is the love note from this week's Abbey newsletter.  If you don't already get it in your in-box you can subscribe here. Also, there is a beautiful gathering of poems at this week's Poetry Party on the theme of hospitality.  Stop by and linger for a while, then share your own by Sunday for a chance […]

Invitation to Photography: Hospitality

Welcome to the Abbey Photo Party! I select a theme and invite you to respond with images. Our theme here at Abbey of the Arts for October is hospitality, so I invite you to reflect visually on what either inner or outer hospitality – that radical act of welcoming in what feels most strange as the face of the holy […]

October theme: Hospitality

Let all guests who arrive be received like Christ, for he is going to say:  I was a stranger and you welcomed me (Matt. 25:35). —Rule of St Benedict 53:1-2 This being human is a guest house. Every morning a new arrival. A joy, a depression, a meanness, some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected […]

Silence as a Door to Reverence:
A CinemaDivina Prayer Offering

The theme for September here at the Abbey is silence based on the first principle of the Monk Manifesto: "I commit to finding moments each day for silence and solitude, to make space for another voice to be heard, and to resist a culture of noise and constant stimulation."  (Please consider stopping by to sign the […]