Monk Badges: Share your commitment!

After many requests, I had my delightful web person create some badges for you to post on your blogs and Facebook pages, as a reminder of your commitment as a monk in the world and dancing monk, and a way to share that commitment with others. Three different options are below along with the code you ... read more

Orchard and Forest (a love note)

To receive this love note from your online Abbess direct to your email in-box each week subscribe here: The Apple Orchard (Excerpt) The trees, like those of Dürer, bear the weight of a hundred days of labor in their heavy, ripening fruit. They serve with endless patience to teach how ... read more

December Theme: Kinship with Creation

Forest and field, sun and wind and sky, earth and water, all speak the same silent language, reminding the monk that he is here to develop like the things that grow all around him.  ---Thomas Merton For the month of December, we turn our attention to the principle of kinship with creation, as found ... read more