Awakening the Creative Spirit – coming to Michigan in 2011!

We are excited to be offering at least one session (and maybe two!) of Awakening the Creative Spirit: Experiential Education for Spiritual Directors in the Expressive Arts in Michigan next year.

Tentative dates right now are May 31-June 5, 2011 with the strong possibility of another session scheduled in September 2011 if the first one fills quickly (and given the response to our email newsletter request for being on an early notification list, that is very likely, and our our Northwest November 2010 program filled several months in advance).

Email if you want to be on an early notification list and get details early next week once dates and details are confirmed and before they are posted to the general public.

Initial lodging information: we will be staying in a large house on Lake Michigan, everyone would have their own room (limited to 10 participants) and bathrooms would be shared.  Cost will be about $1400 for all food, lodging, instruction, and materials – everything except your travel to the workshop location. 

We will also be scheduling another session in the beautiful Northwest in October or November 2011 – more details to come very soon!

Make sure to stop by this week’s Poetry Party on being a Monk in the World!

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