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I recently completed an incredible journey.  I had the privilege of accompanying a group of extraordinarily thoughtful monks and artist from across the US and around the world in an online journey through my newest writing project Way of the Monk, Path of the Artist.  When I first announced this class session in late November, I was amazed at and delighted with the hunger for this material.  I quickly had to close the winter session and add a spring class, which has also filled, and now we are registering for summer (and that class is 2/3 full with only 8 spots left).  More class sessions will be added for the fall soon, although fees will be going up slightly.

I just created a new page on my website with the wonderful feedback I am receiving from participants in the first session.  Stop by to read the Praise for the Class and see if the experience calls to you.

The participants in the class showed up fully and embraced whatever I offered to them, giving me the honor of witnessing their own unfolding.  Here is a list of links to posts some of them wrote at their own blogs – in no particular order – about their experience:

Stacy Wills at A Magic Mom and Her Mandalas writes about her Rule and experience in the class

Melinda Schwakhofer at Inspiraculum shares her photos of her Winter Abbey and accompanying poetry

Eveline Maedel at Ebenezer Scribe shared weekly reflections on her experience: one, two, three, four, five, six

Rebecca at Voyage of DISCOVERy offers a poem to express the journey she took through the class

Cathy Johnson at It's a Matter of Thyme offers this Valentine of Gratitude and reflections here, here, here, here, and here.

Kel at the X facta writes about soul rhythms

Tess at Anchors and Masts writes about resistance and reflects on awakening


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  1. Cindy R says

    Ah, and I'm eagerly awaiting the start of the next session. So it's especially wonderful to get some glimpses of the first one. At first I was disappointed that it filled so quickly, before I could sign up. But I'm seeing that I've already started the journey, preparing the inner ground–and having some straight-on conversations with a few niggling little voices of anxiety and resistance!

  2. says

    wow – part of the inaugural WOMPOA class
    we should choreograph our own special dance routine that culminates in throwing our graduation caps in the air 😉

  3. says

    How lovely it was to jump over to your Praise for the Class page and read the comments from people I've come to think of as friends. I'm trying not to fall into the trap of pride because we were your first Artist/Monk graduates!!

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